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Guy K. from Rancho Cucamonga — Severe knee pain

Nancy has a tremendous knowledge of rehabilitative medicine.  That coupled with her compassionate nature makes her a wonderful therapist. She has the right touch… almost an innate sense of how to alleviate the pain.

Having had a long term knee injury that was progressively worsening, I found I was faced with two problems, (i) the reluctance to exercise due to the discomfort and (ii) the problems I would face if I did not. Nancy Guo, my doctor, has truly been a godsend. Her expertise and optimism has helped me exponentially in my recovery.
Nancy is one of the nicest and most patient people I have ever met. She created an environment that made me look forward to my therapy sessions. Nancy is very competent, well organized, caring, and truly loves her profession and she has been that way every time I have seen her
avoid surgery as long as possible“, and I remembered that my mother had told me about acupuncture for pain years before, but I had never really considered it.  Nancy at Guo Chinese Medical Center was recommended to me by a friend so I called her and made an appointment for that same week.
After a few months the pain was about 80% gone and I was walking normal again.  I could still feel pain in my knee, if I was thinking about it, and I did not do any running type activities that would pound on the knee joint, but the difference was incredible.

It has been over a year now since my first session, and I still go in regularly to try to get that last 10% of healing. Last week I went on a 7 mile hike up into the mountains, there was a lot of uphill which was almost completely without pain for about 2 1/2 miles, then there was about 2 1/2 miles of downhill. On the downhill I had to walk carefully to not put impact loads on the knee but the only pain I felt was in my leg muscles. Within a couple of days that muscle pain was gone and I felt good just as before the hike.

I am so happy that I started these acupuncture treatments with Nancy rather than drugs for pain, or some radical invasive solution like a knee replacement. I know I will continue with the treatments, and exercise regularly, swimming and lifting weights, and hopefully each week the knee will get stronger and stronger.

Thanks again Nancy, your the best, being able to walk and hike normal again is priceless!

Shirley B. from Corona — Incredible back pain

I was having incredible back pain.  One of my friends referred me to Nancy and after just one visit the pain was reduced substantially.  After three days the pain was gone.  It was like a miracle.  I will recommend Nancy to all my friends now.

David H.  —  Whole body pain

Dr. Nancy has given me back my life.  I have struggled with chronic pain for 25 years, and 10 years ago it reached a level that left me disabled.  I suffered with spasms, weakness, vertigo and a variety of different types of pain that left me bedridden much of the time.  I had to watch as friends slowly drifted away because I was unable to function.  Even worse, I spent 10 years unable to participate fully in the lives of my wife and children as they looked on helplessly at my suffering.
I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist and every time they were unable to give me a definitive diagnosis or pathway to wellness.  Every doctor was convinced that something was very wrong but they had no answers on what it was or how to treat it.  As a last effort they treated me with a variety of pain medications which would give me relief for a short time.  However, each of these medications caused other medical problems and their effectiveness waned over time.  Still a young man, I had resigned myself to a shadow life, a life lived for all to few brief moments of functionality.
Then one day I happened upon D. Nancy’s website.  I was at my wits end and was more than willing to try anything to try and reclaim my life.  The first day I met Dr. Nancy I was having a day of moderate pain.  As we went through the consult my condition worsened as was normal.  The pain began to escalate exponentially and my body weakened considerably as I began to shake and tremor.  Dr. Nancy asked me to come back to the treatment room and I struggled to rise from my chair and then leaned on my wife and my cane to travel the few feet to the room.
Dr. Nancy began my treatment and I fell asleep, needles in my skin, and experienced some of the best sleep I had experienced for years.  When the treatment was over I felt refreshed and rose from the table with considerably less effort.  I was able to walk out of the office gingerly, and without the use of my cane!  If I hadn’t been there I would have thought this story was a work of fiction, but I assure you it is not.  Over time more treatments have followed and each time I make more progress.  I have been able to go shopping, walk my dog, and most importantly be a part of my family’s life again.  I even see myself getting back to work in the future.  I have gone from contemplating a life lived in moments to a life full of hope and happiness.  
Dr. Nancy’s treatments have not only helped me but also my friends and family.  All of them have noticed the drastic change in my condition  This change has brought so much happiness into our lives and I can’t thank Dr. Nancy enough.  I look forward to the future!

R. B. from Ontario — Sciatica Nerve Pain

I had a very small pain in the side of my leg.  At first I did not notice it until someone happened to press against it and it felt like fire it hurt so much.  Over the next few weeks the pain seemed to spread and after a while I was limping and could hardly lift my leg to get into the car.

I am very busy most of the time at work so it is hard for me to make an appointment.  The convenience of making an appointment in my home was so unusual.  Nancy was very prompt in keeping the appointment and was able to reduce, then eliminate the pain in only two short visits.  She said that the muscle had wrapped around a nerve and as the pain progressed it made the muscle tighten more, increasing the pain.
By manipulating my leg she was able to unwrap the nerve from the muscle and the pain was gone.  I was so pleased with the results of her service.

Julieann from Beverly Hills — Weakness, Low Energy

Doctor Nancy,

As you know I have been a cancer survivor for a few years now.  I was having my radiation treatments, and afterward I always felt sick and was very weak.  I just wanted to stay in bed all the time. 
A friend of mine recommended alternative therapy like Chinese medicine. I can’t believe the difference now after your treatments.  I feel so much more energy, and my blood tests are coming back more positive.  My doctor had me skipping radiation treatments because i was doing so well.  Your herbal medicines have really help me more than I thought!
God Bless You!

Bob K.  Corona — Frozen shoulder

Dr Nancy
I wanted to share my experience with others so they don’t have to live with this debilitating problem any longer.  Sunday was a normal day, I did not do anything that would have injured myself, just went to a movie and out to dinner and spent a couple of hours cleaning the house.  Monday morning however was far from normal.  I woke up with my right arm at my side and I could not move my arm.  If I tried to move it the pain was excruciating and I was forced to leave it like a dead piece of meat at my side.  Getting up from the bed was hard to do, I normally would push myself up with my right hand but could not.  I am right handed so everything that morning would turn out to be very difficult for me.  I was able to move my arm at the elbow as long as my upper arm stayed in a downward position against my body.  I used this approach to shave and brush my teeth, but showering was very difficult as I was forced to do everything left handed.  You can imagine how hard it was trying to wash my hair, scrub my back or dry off with a towel.
I had been in a car accident about a year before and Dr Nancy treated me for my lower back injury.  I had such great success with that treatment I wanted to see if she could do anything for my shoulder.  I made an appointment for that same day and Dr. Nancy used an acupuncture on me for the pain.  Surprisingly only very few needles actually were in my shoulder area, she explained that the location of the needles is within specific channels and affect energy flow or qi within the body.  She also had me stand up and begin to move my upper arm with the needles still inside.  I was able to get some motion and by the end of the one hour treatment I had about half of my shoulder’s mobility back.  Dr Nancy applied some sort of herbal hot pad to the front of my shoulder and told me to leave it on overnight, she also made me an appointment for the next day.
On Tuesday morning I returned to her office and the pain was about 70% gone and likewise my mobility had increased about the same amount, compared to the day before.  She explained that this is normal for the pain relief to continue even after the needles are removed.  I had a second session and again she had me moving my upper arm the best I could with the needles still in place.  By the end of the second session I felt like I had nearly full use of my arm and shoulder again.  Dr Nancy suggested that one additional appointment would be advisable to fully correct the problem so I made the appointment for the next day, Wednesday.
Wednesday’s treatment was essentially the same as the two days before, but now I had full motion of my shoulder and no pain.  Somehow she treated a condition where I could not move my shoulder joint, and eliminated the problem completely in 3 days.  It has been over a month now since that treatment and the frozen shoulder problem has not come back.  I am thankful for her medical expertise and caring nature.

Lee J. from Pasadena  Horrible Headaches

Wow Doctor Nancy, Thank you now my headaches are under control. After having been in a bad car accident last year I have been experiencing horrible headaches. I had been to many doctors and tried many medications nothing worked. Then someone told me about acupuncture . Thank god I met you , I never thought these headaches would go away. Thank you for stopping the pain I have been suffering. Very Grateful

R.G. from Orange County —  Shoulder Pain, Bursitis

Dear Dr. Guo,

My shoulder has been very stiff with bursitis for over a year.  I could not move my right arm over my head and had to stop playing golf. Never thought of acupuncture before but you were highly recommended. After a few treatments I could really feel the difference. I’m back playing golf thanks to you! Very happy I was recommended to you because my doctor wanted to perform surgery.
Scott F. from Alhambra—  Sciatica, 30 years of pain

Dear Doctor Guo,

Thank you for fixing my sciatic nerve in my lower back. This would affect my right leg  either I couldn’t walk or the pain level was too extreme. I had almost 30 years of trying different doctors one wanted surgery another gave me pain pills and said stay in bed  for a month. I have been going to Chiropractor most of my life this would only give temporary relief. After meeting you and going through about 4 months of acupuncture my pain is completely gone. I have been living with pain for so many years I am a new person. I am a big believer of acupuncture and I recommend you to anyone needing help with pain or anything else.

Thank you  for giving my life back

David C. from San Gabriel—  Lower Back Pain with Sciatica

I considered myself to be an active, healthy forty year old man. I was exercising 4-5 times per week in a variety of sports including jogging, mountain biking and tennis. Two years ago I suddenly experienced severe lower back pain and sciatica in my left buttock and leg. I went to a chiropractor twice a week for several months and I also began a daily stretching routine. The chiropractic treatment did not give me significant pain relief. I then talked with my medical doctor and he sent me to a pain management specialist. The pain management doctor gave me an epidural injection into my lower spine using a steroid substance. This steroid injection worked for several months to block the sciatica pain but the pain began returning as the effects of the injection wore off.

After these poor results using traditional medicine, I decided to see if acupuncture or herbal treatments could help me. I then started acupuncture therapy with Nancy Guo, and received several treatments over a period of a month. After the first treatment my sciatica pain became less frequent and lower in intensity. By the end of the month my pain was completely gone and has not returned since then.

I was so encouraged by the effectiveness of the acupuncture I wanted to see if my other conditions could be treated using Chinese medicine. I had trouble sleeping through the night and I would usually awaken once or twice with a strong urge to urinate. In addition, my bowel movements seemed abnormal; I would often go 3 days between bowel movements. Nancy Guo gave me a custom herbal formula that reduced my need to urinate and allowed me to begin sleeping through the night. My bowel movements also became more regular and my energy level increased so that I no longer experienced my usual afternoon energy crash.

I am very thankful I found Guo Medical and I’m glad I was open minded enough to try out an alternative medical treatment.
Andrew S. from Beverly Hills—  Lower back pain
Dear Chinese Medical Center,

I have a new job doing a lot of lifting and have developed some low back pain,
Since I have been coming to you and drinking your herbal medicine it’s like a miracle. The next morning, after the first time trying this medicine, when I got out of bed there was no pain. I couldn’t believe it sure glad I went to Chinese Medical Center.

Just wanted to say thanks
Joey from Rancho Cucamonga—  Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol

I was diagnosed for Diabetes/High Blood Pressure and with high Cholesterol for over 2 years before I approached Nancy Guo whose office is just one door away from my own office.

I am an accountant and I prepare taxes for about 1750 people every year and for the past 2 years, my health has been slowly changing to a worse situation.  I had been scared because of losing weight for no reason, thirsty all the time, feeling weak and I thought I am going to die sooner.  I had a poor appetite, I was 152 pounds and I came to a 128 pounds.  I was depressed and upset because thinking that I am still too young to die.  It came to a point that I feel so weak after work and all what I wanted to do is to go to bed and sleep.  And I am so tired of taking 7 different pills that my regular doctor prescribed for me.  I wanted to throw up and vomit every time I took those pills.  Until one day when my son who is a physical therapist visited me at home noticed my situation and suggested me to see an acupuncturist and that is what I did the next day I went to my office.  I approached Nancy Guo and consulted to her my situation and she first explained to me how acupuncture and herbal medicine could help me with my health problem. I told myself that I might just try the procedure and see how it works on me.

With all my surprised, I started feeling different on the 3 week of the session.  I started to feel stronger, the tingling and numbness of my fingers and toes went away, I started to have a better appetite, I used to go to bed as early as 6:30pm and now I can stay as late as midnight again like when I was 25.  By the way I am turning 60 years old in 3 months.

The quality of my health tremendously changed.  The most amazing experience that I have is that my vital signs went to normal, my blood pressure used to be 167/110 now the highest I go is 133/80 and my blood sugar is normal and my heart rate used to be 116-120 now is between 72 and 86.

I am now on my 15th week of treatment and  I have gained 6 pounds.  I requested it to happen because I wanted togain the weight back like it was before I had the diabetes.

By the way I am a type 2 diabetic and I was told that if I will be on treatment religiously, it could be much improved within 6 months of treatment.  I am looking forward to that, and I could feel that I have a better quality of life now then before I started the treatment.

I addition to all the improvement of my health, my family, friends and my clients noticed how I changed. I was told by a lot of them that I got a younger looking face my skin became smoother than before.  They mistakenly thought I went for a facial treatment.

I am so thankful to Dr. Nancy Guo for the treatments she has given me, the advise and counseling I had with her.

I am so proud of myself that I went for the acupuncture treatment, and with Nancy Guo at the Guo Chinese Medical Center.  There is no price that can replace what I am enjoying now.  The improved quality of my health and my life..

Her fee for the service and the herbal  medications is very reasonable.

If you want to know more of my experience with the acupuncture treatment, don’t hesitate to contact me at or call me at 909-456-8875 or 909-609-1511, Thank you