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Dr. Guo, A short Bio.

Dr. Guo began her medical career in China at ZengYi Medical College. There, in addition to her 5 year program in general medical studies she completed specialty training that included internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and pediatrics.

Following graduation Dr. Guo spent 7 years in the hospital of a private school of over 3000 students. In contrast to a typical school in the United States, here the students live on campus and are only allowed to leave facility for two days each two weeks. The doctors also live on campus and are responsible for the health and well being of all of the students and of the school staff. Here all of a doctor’s skills are required as they must treat everything from cuts and bruises to delivering babies and providing pediatric care.
Dr. Guo left the school at the request of the Chinese Government to help in the control of a wide spread epidemic that had spread though out several of the villages outside of the city. Many of the villages were suffering with the disease, and some people were dieing. The disease was being spread by unsanitary conditions, and Dr. Guo was a member of the team brought in to control the situation and others like it. This government assignment lasted over 2 years and during that time she was the author of many papers on the subject of disease control.

Other accomplishments of Dr. Guo, prior to coming to the United States were the opening of a private clinic in the city, and being chosen to lead a Government sponsored research team.

Dr. Guo left China to come to the United States. Here she completed additional required courses and secured the various state licenses required to share her knowledge here with her patients. Dr. Guo’s unique medical background and extensive experience in administering herbal medicines have given her the tools needed to heal and eliminate pain in her most grateful patients.