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Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

What is Frequent Urination?

Frequent urination can mean different things to different people.  For some people it means too many trips to the bathroom, perhaps having to get up at all hours of the night, or the inability to travel for very long before having to find a gas station or coffee shop along the way.  For other people frequent urination can mean excessive urination where larger than normal quantities of urine are created.  Still another group of individuals find that for them, it means many attempts to urinate where the output is only a very small amount of urine.

There is no single reason for frequent urination issues and the reasons will often be different for men and women.  Urinating too often can be an indicator of a serious underlying problem that should be evaluated and understood by a medical professional.  Self diagnosis is risky at best as urinating too often can be an indicator of some serious conditions.  Some of those medical conditions can be diabetes, infections of the kidney, prostate conditions, and infections of the bladder or urinary tract. Most of the underlying causes of frequent urination, even the serious ones, can be successfully treated, especially if diagnosed early.


Our Specialty

Many people are not comfortable discussing the condition and in some cases the problem can go undiagnosed and untreated for many years.  Some individuals may put it off thinking they have a “small bladder” but that is just never the case.  At Guo Chinese Medical Center the elimination of frequent urination issues is a specialty of Nancy Guo.  Nancy was a trained physician, practicing for many years in China before coming to the United States and has helped many of her patients eliminate urination problems in a very short time.  Nancy may use herbal or other treatments depending on the demands of the case.  There is no one cure just as there is no single cause of the condition.

Why wait?

At best frequent urination is inconvenient, at worst it can be an indicator of a life threatening disease that must be diagnosed and treated.  There is nothing worse than having to stop several times along the way on a short trip, or not getting the good nights rest you need because of having to get up and use the bathroom several times throughout the night.  After your first visit to Guo Chinese Medical Center you will most likely be given a prescription for a unique herbal treatment tailored to your specific needs.  Unlike western medicine that is mass produced with one, or very few, chemical treatments the same for everyone; Chinese herbal treatments are custom formulated for the individual and focused on bringing balance back into the body.  Often patients find that when treating one condition that several other minor conditions are corrected at the same time, this is because Chinese herbal treatments were established over thousands of years and address the body as a whole rather than as a set of unrelated organs. 

What is the cause?

There is no common cause for frequent urination.  The only way to know for sure is to come in and have an open discussion of the symptoms with Ms Guo.  In some cases there can be an infection, cyst or tumor that may be serious or may not.  In any case if left untreated some damage will be done to the body as it tries to heal itself.  There are age related reasons that are fairly common in men above the age of 50.  Many are caused by an enlarged prostate gland that in many cases is quickly remedied through herbal treatments, in other more serious cases it can be caused by a cancerous condition that must be treated by more aggressive means.

In the case where the symptom of frequent urination is combined with large amounts of urine it can be an indicator of some serious issues like diabetes, heart failure, or kidney failure.  The condition may also be brought on through the use of diuretic or other medications.

Why is Guo Chinese Medical Center the place to go for treatment?

If you suffer with frequent urination you owe it to yourself to make an appointment with Guo Chinese Medical Center right away. 

Dr. Guo will take the time to personally evaluate your case and make the proper recommendation for you.  If an herbal treatment is indicated she will take all of your symptoms into consideration and prepare an herbal treatment that will bring the entire body back into balance. 

If a more serious condition is indicated she will refer you to the proper place to get the care that you need.  In every case you will receive a solution that is personalized to your particular needs.
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