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A.  How to get acupuncture services if you are a Kaiser Permanente Insurance subscriber.

Step 1.  Make an appointment with your Kaiser doctor.
Step 2.  Get a referral for acupuncture service.  Your doctor may ask you if you want acupuncture, or you may have to tell him that you would like to try acupuncture.  If possible your doctor may be willing to give you the referral number, if you can call us with that number we can usually cut one to two weeks off of your wait time.**
Step 3.  You will receive a notice from American Specialty Health (ASH) about your acupuncture referral.  The notice will normally indicate the start date for the approved acupuncture services.
Step 4.  Contact Nancy at Guo Chinese Medical Center at (626) 456-2334 to setup an appointment.
** You can give me a call at (626) 456-2334 with your Kaiser ID number when you have finished step 2.  I will check to see when you have been setup in the computer with ASH and call you to make an appointment.  This will save you the wait time for receiving the notice from ASH.

B.  Insurance Coverage

We have had great success treating many patients referred to us from Kaiser Permanente for the relief of pain.
Most patients share a common need:
1. The reduction or elimination of pain medication.
Our patients often have been taking pain medication for months or years with no improvement in their condition.  The pain medication is often hard on the body, reduces mental agility, requires higher and higher doses to be effective, and too many times is habit forming.  One of our initial goals at Guo Chinese Medical Center is to get pain reduction to the point where no further medication is required. 
2. Improve your bodies “Range of Motion”
Depending on the area affected, the patients range of motion will often be severly reduced.  You may find the area seems stiff or often the pain is unbearable if that portion of the body is moved past a given point.  Another goal of our acupuncture treatments is for you to get your freedom of motion and mobility back.  After each set to treatments we evaluate your progress and record the improvement.  The reduction of pain and increase in range of motion often can go hand in hand.
3. The reduction or elimination of pain
The third goal of our treatments is the reduction or elimination of the pain that you have been suffering with.  Depending on the root cause of the pain, its complete elimination will not always be possible.  Some areas of the body will not heal, or heal at a very slow rate.  Each case will be different, but the vast majority of patients have their pain reduced to a point where they no longer notice any discomfort, and for many the pain will be completely gone.
C. Your extra benefit
You will find that your Kaiser insurance plan is very good, recognizing that acupuncture is a powerful tool for the reduction and elimination of pain.  As a Kaiser subscriber we will give you an added benefit with your first visit.  Depending on your medical need, we will give you a free add-on extra services (Moxa, Cupping, Ear Seeds, or Hot pack) valued at $30 to $40, also you will get a 5 minute massage too. You will learn how powerful these extra services are when combined with your acupuncture treatment.