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Back Pain Overview

Pain in the lower back is very common, affecting almost 90% of all people at some point in their life. More than half of those people will have recurring back pain.  Lower back pain may occur for a variety of reasons, but in most people the true cause will be undetected even after extensive testing.


Chinese Medicine for back pain and Sciatica

In Chinese Medicine we take a different approach from Western medicine and do not choose to cover up or mask the pain with drugs, instead we look at the body as a complete system, with the blood being the carrier of our bodies natural healing power.  Our treatments for lower back pain work to promote increased qi (or energy) and improved blood circulation throughout the body to better utilize these powerful natural healing powers inside all of us.
Our treatments are customized for each patients unique needs, but will normally consist of a combination of acupuncture for rapid drug free relief from the symptom of  back pain, combined with cupping and herbals to promote more rapid healing.  Many of our customers that have suffered with chronic back pain for many years are able to throw away their pain pills after only 2 or 3 treatments, but 5 to 10 treatments is normally ideal where the pain is gradually decreasing as the body heals itself.


What is the cause of lower back pain?

In Western Medicine it is common to attempt to identify a specific location that can  be attributed to the cause of the back pain.  Normally it is identified as involving disease or injury to muscles, bones, or nerves of the spine. Often the Western prescription for pain is a drug to mask the pain or worse, dangerous surgery of the spine.

Back pain also arises from abnormalities in organs within the abdomen, or pelvis and many disorders, such as urinary track and bladder infection, kidney diseases, pelvic infections, pancreas problems, ovarian disorders, and others, can cause back pain as well.

Sciatica back and leg pain?

“Sciatica” is a term associated with lower back pain emanating from the sciatic nerve.  This nerve, starting at the lower spine, is the longest nerve in the body which is why the pain is often felt at places along the whole leg. There are 5 nerve roots, that after leaving the spine from 5 different locations, come together deep within the buttocks, close to what is called the “piriformis muscle”, here they form one thick nerve bundle.  This nerve bundle is called the “sciatic nerve”.

Symptoms of sciatica will vary from one person to another but are often caused by muscle tightness or injury pushing on the sciatic nerve in the spinal areas of L4, L5 and S1.  Because these injuries or pressures can affect one or more of the 5 different nerves, the pain will be felt in different areas of the buttocks, thigh, leg or foot.

If your lower back pain shares any of these common symptoms, there is a good chance that you are suffering from sciatica:

  • Lower back pain that radiates into the buttocks
  • A pain that starts in the buttocks and goes down the front, back or side of the thigh, down the calf and possibly into the foot.
  • Leg and or foot numbness or “pins and needles”
  • A burning sensation and hyper sensitivity of the skin of the lower extremities
  • Tightness in the thigh, leg or foot
  • A feeling of weakness in the muscles of the thigh, leg or foot
  • Tightness or less flexibility in the hamstring

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