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Many insurance companies are now covering acupuncture, especially for the treatment of pain, but some still are not. MediCare typically does not cover acupuncture services, even for pain, but many MediCare add-on policies do, so if you are a MediCare patient with extend coverage through a provider like Kaiser be sure to check your coverage.  MediCal has added acupuncture coverage, contact us with your plan and we will check for you.  If you have MediCal coverage through IEHP you do have coverage, give us your ID and we will obtain the needed referral for you.

Most PPOs have some level of coverage for their participants. Here is a partial listing of a few of the providers who do normally cover acupuncture:

Kaiser Permanente (Click Here for information on how to use Kaiser)
United Healthcare & United Healthcare West
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Chirometrics
American Specialty Health Plan (ASH)



Central Health Plan of California


Local UFCW


IEHP (Inland Empire Health Plan)

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

We are currently accepting new Worker’s Compensation patients and we do accept most insurance plans.  We are providers for the following Workers Compensation insurance companies:

State Fund (State of California)

Anthem Worker’s Compensation

Pacific Compensation Insurance

Corvel Worker’s Compensation

Coventry Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Pacific Compensation

Wellcomp (York) Insurance

Chubb Group



County of Los Angeles (Corvel)

County of San Bernardino (Corvel)

County of Riverside (Corvel)

Harbor Health System

Veterans Choice Insurance Program

We work directly with the Veterans Administration through Tri-West Healthcare Alliance to provide medical treatment to our countries Veterans.  We feel very strongly about taking care of our nations veterans that have given us so much of themselves to us in protecting our country and freedoms.  As such we always maintain open appointments each day to serve our veterans at very short notice.  We serve many veteran patients and you may request us to be your acupuncture provider by speaking with your Tri-West representative.

If your insurance company is not on the list give us a call, very often your MPN will be using one of the larger medical groups listed above.

If you have any questions, or, for a complementary report of your insurance acupuncture coverage, please email Nancy@GoChineseMedical.Com or call us at: 909-988-4089